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Are you planning on moving soon? Do you need to buy moving boxes and supplies in order to pack up your belongings? Look no further, The Mover Guys have you covered! We have a large selection of quality boxes and supplies that you can choose from to help you forget all about the stress of moving. With our years of moving experience, we know how important the right moving supplies are.

From the right number to the correct sizes, we are determined to provide you with only the best moving products and services since the last issue you want to deal with is a flimsy box falling apart and adding extra problems on moving day.

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Need Moving Boxes?

Here at The Mover Guys, we carry a variety of moving supplies and equipment that can satisfy your every residential or commercial moving need. From packing tape and paper to boxes of different sizes, we got you covered! If you are in need of help moving large moving boxes and heavy items, we also have the equipment to help you, such as hand trucks and moving dollies that can safely transport these items into your new home. Partnered with the right equipment and supplies, our professional and friendly movers will make sure to be there to lend a hand every step of the way!

Moving Supplies Buy-Back Guarantee

No need for mental gymnastics, trying to calculate exactly how many boxes you think you’ll need. Our company will buy back any boxes you don’t use at the same price you paid for them. Our commitment is to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible. We know that moves are stressful enough and that you have enough on your plate. As experienced Edmonton movers, you can count on us to guide you through a smooth and efficient move with the proper equipment and supplies!

Moving Boxes, Supplies, & Services Under One Roof

The Mover Guys’ moving supplies are expertly designed to make packing and loading simple. We carry a complete selection of moving boxes including 2-6 cube moving boxes, and specialty boxes including wardrobe, mirror, and china barrel boxes. We also carry mattress covers, and other packing and shipping supplies for the do-it-yourself mover in Edmonton that is guaranteed to meet all of your moving needs. We aim to be your one-stop shop for all of your moving needs.

Whether you're planning a long-distance move or a mini move within Edmonton, we believe that the earlier you get started, the less stressful it will be. Finding sturdy and appropriately-sized moving boxes should be the first step. Our wide selection of durable and heavy-duty cube-shaped cardboard boxes can cater to your needs, alongside a wide selection of moving accessories such as packing tape and bubble wrap. With our stock of diverse supplies and buy-back guarantee, The Mover Guys will make your move worry-free!

Save Time & Stress with Our Storage Services in Edmonton!

Realizing that you own more than you originally thought can completely change the tune of your move. That is why the Mover Guys offers additional packing supplies and storage solutions to customers caught in this awkward stage of transition. Our storage services include providing our customers with containers or Portable on Demand Storage units as an easy and temporary solution to the too-much-stuff conundrum, regardless of whether you’re moving locally in Edmonton or across Canada.

We offer these services to all of our customers, regardless of if you are moving somewhere else within the Edmonton region or across Canada.

In addition, here are just some of the packing supplies we have in stock to make your residential or commercial move easier:

China Barrel

A China Barrel moving box is designed for packing fragile items such as glassware, dishes, china, and more. This unique storage box is double-walled to ensure your breakable items are kept safe and protected.

Wardrobe & Mirror Boxes

When it comes to expensive suits, dresses, or other valuable clothing items, sometimes a garbage bag simply will not cut it. With our specialized wardrobe storage boxes, perfect for hanging your items, your clothing will be kept safe, clean, and organized throughout your move. We carry wardrobe boxes in both small and large. As for other items such as delicate electronics, lamps, files, TV’s, mirrors and other awkwardly shaped fragile items, we carry small and large mirror boxes as well.

Mattress Cover

Your mattress, while not fragile, also requires the correct care when you move. We have a great selection of mattress bags and box spring covers for king, queen, and single beds. Keep your bedding clean as they are loaded in and out of your moving truck.

Packing Paper, Tape, and Bubble Wrap

Not only do your electronics and breakables sometimes need boxes specifically designed to keep them safe, but utilizing the correct amount of packing paper or bubble wrap can ensure that your items are safe no matter the situation. Flat screens, computer monitors and other items you want to make sure are packed properly can be reinforced further with Mover Guys packing supplies. We also carry a selection of other packing and shipping supplies like packing tape.

Available Packing Supplies & Products:

  • 2 Cube Box
  • 4 Cube Box
  • 5 Cube Box
  • 6 Cube Box
  • China Barrel
  • Small Wardrobe Box
  • Large Wardrobe Box
  • Small Mirror Box
  • Large Mirror Box
  • File Box
  • Single Mattress Cover
  • Queen Mattress Cover
  • King Mattress Cover
  • Packing Paper (10lb)
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Packing Tape

*Prices are subject to change. Please call for an accurate price quote.
*Ask us and we can also provide ‘special purpose’ packing materials as well


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Moving Supplies & Services
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Let The Mover Guys Do the Heavy Work

Moving on a budget can be difficult when you don’t have a clear picture of how much packing materials you need. With Mover Guys, we make the moving process a little bit lighter on your wallet with our buy-back guarantee. We’ll buy back unused boxes for the same price you paid for them!

Worried that you might not have enough space in your new location? No worries! We also provide our clients with storage solutions and donation services. For more information about our wide range of moving services, be sure to give us a call at 780-469-6644.

Moving boxes & moving supplies in Edmonton

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to estimate how many moving supplies I need?

Every move is different, and for us to help you find the appropriate moving supplies for you, our experts need to understand your situation. Please contact us at (780) 469 6644 or visit us at 9328 31 AVE NW to discuss the different options available to you.

  • Moving supplies and services in Edmonton
  • Packing supplies in Edmonton, Mover Guys

Can I order the moving supplies separately?

Yes, it is possible to order your moving supplies separately. Depending on when your move is, you may want to get a head start by packing things away. As such, you can order the moving supplies that will assist you to make that transition.

How long does it take to get my moving supplies after I order them?

You can receive your moving supplies immediately after you order them. Our professionals who help you pick out the best options and also assist you in the ordering process. If in-person, you will receive your moving supplies immediately in the store.

Do you have a minimum moving supplies order amount?

Although there is no minimum dollar amount for orders of moving supplies, the minimum quantity required for purchase may vary between moving supply items.

Do you accept returns or buy back moving supplies?

Absolutely! If you have moving supplies that you didn’t use or that are still in good condition, we will happily take the supplies back from you.

What kind of moving supplies do Mover Guys have in stock?

We have a wide selection of boxes, covers, and packing necessities to choose from. As our prices are subject to change, please contact us for a free price quote on any supplies you need for your commercial or residential move! We can also provide our customers with special-purpose materials to ensure the safe transport of your valuables!
We have everything starting from but not limited to: cube boxes, china barrels, wardrobe/mirror/file boxes, mattress covers, packing papers, bubble wraps, packing tapes, moving blankets, and more available for purchase.

When should I start preparing for my move and ordering supplies?

We recommend our customers start acquiring their necessary moving supplies within 6 weeks of the moving date. This way, you can ensure that you have all the materials you need to have a safe, smooth, and stress-free move.

  • Mover Guys buys back unused boxes
  • Moving boxes and storage solutions in Edmonton

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